TripBuilder EventMobile Apps Are A Profit Center With Multiple Built In Sponsorship Opportunities

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Published: 17th June 2015
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When people think of using a custom mobile app for their event they immediately see dollars and cents. A custom event mobile app with all of our information and artwork must be expensive; think again, TripBuilder EventMobile Apps have you covered. TripBuilder EventMobile Apps should be a profit center for the event organizer, not a cost, with their many built in sponsorship opportunities. Whether it is through the splash page, banner ads, featured exhibitor listings, or sponsored alerts, your sponsor will be seen and heard through the entire event app.

When the user first opens the mobile app from their device they are greeted with the splash page. Sponsors can be on full display with a sponsored splash page. It essentially is a full page “ad” or canvas for their logo/name/etc.Users will know for sure who is sponsoring their event mobile app when they see the splash page with the company name and logo on it.

Once a user enters the app and they are on the main home screen their attention will be directed to the rotating banner ads on the bottom of the screen. These banner ads are on every page of the mobile application so no matter where a user is in the application, they will see an ad. The banner ads can then link to a fully customized landing page in the app and/or a website. The landing page, like the splash page can essentially be a full page ad. Sponsors have the opportunity to showcase a new product, a new service, or really anything they want. If a sponsor chooses to not have a landing page they can also link the banner ad directly to their website. Or if they want to take full advantage of their stage they can link the landing page to a website so users can see the banner ad, landing page, and website.

In addition to the banner ads being on every page of the mobile application sponsors also have the ability to be displayed as a “Featured Exhibitor” on the exhibitor listing page. Featured exhibitors are highlighted in a different color from the rest of the exhibitors and are also always at the top of the page no matter how the list is sorted. This top spot location lets users see the sponsor’s booth listing first before they see anyone else’s.

While the sponsor is showcased throughout the event mobile app, the sponsored alerts are what bring the sponsor to the users’ mobile device even when they’re not in the event application! All of TripBuilder EventMobile apps feature the ability to send push notifications to their app users but organizers can bring those alerts to the next level by having their sponsor promote as many as they want. Alerts can be preset before the event so your sponsor can add their own text, pass them along to the event organizer, and then the event organizer can set them and forget about them. They also can be setup last minute, so when there’s a last minute room change or a new session added, your users will know.

The variety of sponsorship opportunities throughout TripBuilder EventMobile Apps are a win-win situation for everyone – the sponsors, the event organizers, and most of all, the appusers.

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